Green Cardamon

Green cardamom, a highly prized spice, is known for its unique and intense aroma. Derived from the seeds of the Elettaria cardamomum plant, green cardamom has a warm, sweet, and slightly citrusy flavor. It is a key ingredient in both sweet and savory dishes, including desserts, curries, teas, and spice blends. Green cardamom adds a delightful and aromatic touch to recipes, imparting a complex and exotic taste. Beyond its culinary uses, green cardamom is also believed to have potential health benefits, including aiding digestion and freshening breath. With its distinct flavor and versatility, green cardamom remains an essential spice in various global cuisines.


  • Quality – Pure Sortex clean Basmati Rice (premium quality)
  • Length of Rice – 8.30-8.40 mm before cooking.
  • Broken – 2% max (2/3 basis)
  • Moisture – 12.5-13% max


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