Fennel Seed

Fennel seed, with its distinct aroma and flavor, is a versatile spice that finds its place in various culinary traditions. These small, oval-shaped seeds have a slightly sweet and licorice-like taste, making them a popular ingredient in both savory and sweet dishes. Fennel seeds are often used in Indian, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern cuisines, where they add a unique depth and complexity to curries, bread, pickles, and sausages. Apart from their culinary applications, fennel seeds are also known for their potential health benefits, such as aiding digestion and soothing bloating or indigestion. They can be enjoyed whole, ground, or infused into teas, providing a delightful and aromatic touch to any recipe. In summary, fennel seeds are a prized spice that brings a distinctive flavor and potential health benefits to a wide range of culinary creations.


  • Quality – Pure Sortex clean Basmati Rice (premium quality)
  • Length of Rice – 8.30-8.40 mm before cooking.
  • Broken – 2% max (2/3 basis)
  • Moisture – 12.5-13% max


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